Why you shouldn’t vote.

Ex: If you simply *love* corruption.

With final voting registration happening this weekend, we’re sure you’ve heard why you should vote. But here’s why all y’all first time voters should skip registration for the May/August elections, and go to the beach instead.

1 Millennial apathy: a lewk

It’s a top priority for you to endorse Millennial apathy, following suit of the Brits, who in 2005 made a statement with only 37% of young people aged 18-24 voting. Cheers to that! Also, you’re totes okay with feeding into the “Millennials are self obsessed and narcissistic” narrative. #Yolo.


2 It’s kinda lame

Going to the beach is a lot cooler than actually voting for the well-being of your country.

3 Count me out

You hate your voice counting for something bigger.


4 Political pessimism #ftw

If you simply love corruption. And being unemployed is fun. And also schooling isn’t important. 

5 Thumb selfies are so 2014

To not share a thumb selfie afterwards. You’re a non-conformist, and you’d take a tan line over a purple stain any day.

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We’re kidding, obviously. But here’s why you actually, really, should

We’re not turning up

South Africans aged 19-28 make up 57.8% of the voting population, and only 30% of this group voted in our last election. 


We better pump up those numbers. Those are rookie numbers. 

It’s a game-changer

This isn’t a false alarm, this is your future. Don’t sell it short by leaving it in others’ hands.
COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota is of the opinion that “2019’s election is the most important since the advent of democracy in 1994”. Imagine for a second that you were on the beach instead of voting that year. 


“Our message to all South Africans is that: ‘the future is in yours hands’. In May 2019 you will have your greatest democratic tool at your disposal – your VOTE!”


If you’re frustrated, go get your purple thumb. It’s your manifesto for a fair and excellent government. Immerse yourself in making a change. YOU, social media surfer, have the power to hold your government accountable for its actions. Be a hero! Be like David Hasselhoff in the Spongebob movie. 

pasted image 0 (1)Pick your party

50% of the country’s youth claims to not be loyal to a political party. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or like your opinion doesn’t matter, because you don’t know enough. The best thing to do is to get clued TF up. If you have yet to find the party for you, check out the statements by the leaders of our most dominant parties here and suss them out.


In the past year, at least 26 new parties have joined the ballot, with another 22 under consideration. There’s over 500 parties to choose from! There is a party for you- and while they may not win this election, your vote could change the game in the next one. 

Go celebrate on a Clifton rock when you’ve done your bit!

Read everything you need to know about registering for the elections here.

Words: Annette Kemp

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Feature image: via

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