#FUCKFLOWERS: A Women’s Day Wishlist.

We asked women what they *really* want this International Women’s Day.

For International Women’s Day 2020 Three created a #WomensDayWishlist with meaning. Using #fuckflowers we asked 3 creatives of note and our readers what they really, really want instead. This is what they said. Pay attention.

Women’s Day should always serve as a stark reminder. Our reminder as a society that we are not free – not until all our women, children, non-binary, Gender Non-Conforming and queer bodies are free, safe and cared for, with fair and equal access to opportunity, pay, health care, education, representation and protection from gender-based violence, and oppression on all levels

So we’re saying keep your flowers, and your spa days, and your brunches. This is what women want.

Our #WomensDayWishlist:

For Women’s Day, I want …

“… stronger law enforcement measures and government intervention against GBV and for men to hold each other and themselves accountable.”

Beauty blogger Nuzhah Jacobs

“… to go outside without being harassed. I would like to earn the same as my white male peers. I would like to leave my drink unattended without fear. I would like to go to the damn post office. I want to be safe, to be respected, to be considered as a person regardless of my relation to a man. I just want to live my life, damn.”

Content Creator Foyin Og

For Women’s Day, I want women to be able to be explicitly expressive about their desires without being slut shamed, or ridiculed, or dismissed. I want women to have the same freedom that men do to talk about sex.”

Writer, Producer, Singer Nalu

You Finished the Sentence:

#fuckflowers I want…


A meal I didn’t cook!”

“Women to not shrink themselves to other people’s ideas of what a woman should be”.

Respect, and respected boundaries.”

“To walk down the street without fearing for my life.”

“I would like for women to not shrink themselves to other people’s ideas of what a woman should be.”

“To be able to go for a run and not change my route because there is a man walking in the road.”


To be safe–going to the post office, or the gym, or in my own home.”

“For GBV laws to be changed – no parole for past GBV offenders.”

“Men to start calling out their friends in private, and not just for show.”

“I want to stop having to take sexual harassment jokes lightly just so that I don’t seem crazy.”

“To normalize masturbating.”

“To be taken seriously.

“To stop having my career ambitions questioned because I may need to have a child.”

“To stop having to overthink what I wear, in case a man objectifies my body.”

“Safety and security for all women–not having to fear for our lives every damn day.”

“As a queer woman, to be left TF alone.”

“To walk without being harassed.”

“South African men to stop preying on us!”

Autonomy! To be on birth control, or to have children, or to have an abortion.”

“For women’s day, I want women to feel safe and protected and to be free to live our lives as we want.”

“Men to stop supporting and protecting abusers!”

“To normalize periods and breastfeeding.”

The world to know that women’s rights are EVERYONE’s business because women empowerment empowers EVERYONE.

As for me? For Women’s Day, I’d like men to actually think about it. For you guys to listen. To read our list and realise that existing as a woman is a marathon every single day. To evaluate what it means to be an ally, to evaluate why you think the way that you think, and who taught you to think that way. As Greta Thunberg said:

I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is.

Here’s to You!

Powerful woman, you are holy, pure, clean, loved, and worthy – just the way you are, with your dirty mouth and your hands, wherever they’ve been, and that anger, wherever it came from, and that fear, whoever brought it. 

I am you, and you are me. Thank you for everything, for fighting for yourself and other women and children and queer bodies everyday. One day we will see justice for each other, and it will be because of you.

Feature image: featured art by @that_lebo

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