3 Local Livestreams to Tune into.

The parties have stopped but the show goes on, online.

The economic effects of the national lockdown continue to ripple through the creative industry. Three Magazine has rounded up local projects that have emerged to provide temporary solutions and support to creatives as well as spread awareness and help COVID-19 efforts (sometimes all at the same time!). Look out for our Lockdown Lists shining a light on such projects in the art, photography, fashion, video, music and events worlds.

The effect of the lockdown on the music and events industry is a no-brainer. With parties being momentarily cancelled and venues being temporarily closed, promoters, venue owners, bartenders, barbacks, sound engineers, photographers, bouncers and other essential staff have all lost part of or the entirety of their income. It is important that we support independent artists, contribute financially where we can and try and keep the scenes- who for years have provided us with a sense of community, freedom and escapism- afloat. One way to do that is to simply tune into any one (or all) of these 3 livestreams.

Aloe From Home

Multiple, daily livestreams via Facebook Live and Instagram Live

Aloe Aloe is a Cape Town based music promotions and bookings agency. Aloe From Home was set up to help musicians make a little bit of money to alleviate the financial pressure many musicians have found themselves under during the Covid-19 pandemic and national shutdown.

Aloe From Home is going into their second week of livestreaming via Facebook & Instagram Live featuring faves like: Femi Koya , Nalu , Albany Lore , Flōyu , Bye Beneco , Andy Mkosi and Chocolate Sinclair of The Other DJ’s.

If you’d like to contribute financially to the artists featured use the QR codes provided.

The Death of Glitter

Weekly live streams from resident The Death of Glitter artists via Facebook Live

The Death of Glitter set up D.O.G Transmission: Live Streams to continue to foster the D.O.G community and support the artists who contribute to D.O.G during the Covid-19 pandemic and national shutdown. “Expect us to start the party in your living room/bedroom/dungeon” the Facebook event page reads. “It’s a D.I.Y Disco and everyone is invited.”

The next D.O.G Transmission: Live Streams will be on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11 and will feature Three Magazine cover creative Tzara , Queezy and KRAS .

If you’d like to contribute to any of the featured artists click here.

A11 Radio

Visit A11 Radio to access their archive and listen to previous mixes until the next announcement drops

A11 are a mobile online radio station hosting pop up broadcasts with DJ’s, collectors, crews and collective selectors.

While A11 does not have a lockdown live streaming schedule currently, keep your eye on the Instagram page for announcements regarding livestreams. Some of their most recent live streams with local DJ’s and selectors have included sets by: Dirty Disco Collective , Queer Salon with Eli Ndoumbe ,BŪJIN and Jodi Windvogel and Future Nostalgia.