MUSIC: ‘Not Now. Later.’ Is a Primal Scream (and a Timely One too).

Mikhaela Faye talks her debut solo EP + doing the dishes.

Mikhaela Faye has been making music for a good chunk of her life. “ I used to be a flutist” she says with a chuckle, “ I was that kid.” She went on to study Jazz composition and arrangement, majoring in jazz voice as her primary instrument and jazz piano as her secondary. Although her transition into the world of electronic music came late- considering how long she’s been doing music for – she’s really sunk her teeth into exploring what the genre has to offer over the past 6 or so years. 

Following the release of her debut solo EP Not Now. Later., I logged on for a virtual chat with the singer/songwriter. We spoke about how the lockdown has been a strange thing to endure psychologically, what it’s been like releasing music during the lockdown and what Not Now. Later. means. 

This is a Public Broadcast

The world is in a strange place right now and in a funny way we’re more accountable for ourselves than ever. Accountability can look about a million different ways but mostly it’s just doing the dishes. “I feel like I’ve just been doing dishes endlessly”, she says. “ I feel like I go to sleep and I wake up and do more dishes you know?” 

Greg Abrahams and I started Floors and he’s brilliant”, she says of her former band member. “He taught me everything I know about production and doing Floors with him was a very important part of my learning.”

On going solo, she says: “After Floors I just felt like it was the right time for me to release my own music and I’d been sitting on a lot of the stuff on the EP for a while.”

‘I’m Just Being Honest’

When Mikhaela talks about Not Now. Later you can tell how deeply personal the journey of bringing the project to life has been. Even her collaborations on the EP were personal. She speaks fondly of Luc Veermeer and Omri Dahan who co-produced Body and even chuckles about how her boyfriend played drums on one of the tracks.

“It’s like she unwittingly released a sound track to how we’re all feeling right now.”

Much like some of our favourite angsty alt-pop queens– Billie Eilish, Lorde, Banks, etc- Mikhaela Faye is a breath of fresh air. It feels like she’s unafraid to say what she thinks. Or maybe, like a lot of us, she’s actually terrified but the thought of not being honest is so much more terrifying.

Although she couldn’t have predicted what the state of the world would be when she released her EP it feels like there is something oddly poetic about the story the angsty, alt-pop singer tells in each track. Something oddly poetic about, now more than ever, trying not to be your own biggest distraction. Something oddly poetic about trying with every part of your being not to say “Not Now. Later.” It’s like she unwittingly released a sound track to how we’re all feeling right now and then as a bonus was like : “You can also dance around in your room alone to it”. 

At it’s heart the idea of Not. Now. Later. is : “It’s okay not to have your shit together even though you feel like you’re supposed to.”

Images by Erin de Swardt

Not Now. Later. is available on all major streaming platforms.