P.O.A Issue – Ed’s Letter

We hope to help you navigate this time; to shine a light and provide perspective.

When we began brainstorming the next issue of Three Magazine, shortly after the declaration of a national state of disaster, there were some challenges (and a lot of questions). Mainly:

1) As a team we had to be mindful of our own individual struggles, process what is happening and respect the levity of the situation. 

2) We had to think of the future of Three Magazine- we couldn’t continue to sustain it as a self-funded project. 

3) We also knew that we could not plan an issue that didn’t include the pandemic or a facet of it.

But we didn’t want to add to the noise bombarding our feeds and minds. However we couldn’t ignore it, and write it out of the issue either. Three is after all about interpreting the world around us and engaging with current topics. 

The Third Challenge

As it became quite clear that the virus, and the resulting rippling effects of it, would be here to stay for much longer than we hoped, the P.O.A (Plan of Action) issue took shape. The questions were: How can we contribute to this conversation constructively? How can we help?

We are no experts. We are learning as you are, every day. The hard way; from trial and error of our own experiences, and from each other. If anything, what we hope you take from this issue is that you are not alone; not in spirit, not in how you feel (however you feel), not in shared lows or in small victories. 

“It may not feel like it but we have a lot of power in what happens next.”

As the human race is encouraged to unite in defeating a common foe, as we navigate an old enemy (the pandemic) in a new landscape (of globalisation, social media and medical advancement), as we are robbed of one of the most important and essential joys of human life (physical connection)… We hope to help you navigate this time. To shine a light and provide perspective in the form of visual art, photography, music, words and anything else that resonates.

The Second Challenge

There are some new things happening at Three Magazine. Firstly, we’re launching our You + Three initiative which establishes us as a magazine for the community, by the community. Something we have always strived to be, so the step felt only natural.

When you support You + Three, you enable us to keep giving you the content that ensures you stay an informed, interested individual. You help us continue to provide a platform for, and encourage collaboration in, the local creative community. You, via Three, contribute to change. It’s a win-win-WIN. And, literally, you can win things too. 

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Secondly, we’ve changed the channel for our creative community to our newsletter. When you sign up, you’re automatically joining the Three Team, connecting yourself to an open, inclusive and uncensored community of creatives. We have some awesome projects under way for this new step in the form of exclusive offers, competitions and more.

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The First Challenge:

In regards to personal challenges, here are the 3 things that I’ve realized during lockdown:

  • What’s no longer working and needs to change
  • The things I thought I couldn’t live without, but can
  • The things I thought I could live without, but can’t

Now that I know these things, I’ve been asking myself: What’s next? I’ve obviously had a lot of time to think this through lately. My conclusion is that here’s no way of knowing for sure. Nothing is for sure but one thing: Time will tell. That’s not to mean we are powerless in the meantime. It may not feel like it but we have a lot of power in what happens next. Our actions every day will predict the outcomes. The choices we make now will shape the future. 

I do have one last question, and this one’s for you: Who do you want to say you were when you look back, when the dust has settled and we can once again embrace?

Yours in creativity + collaboration,


Zoya Pon (@thatasiangirlza / zoyapon@gmail.com)

PS: Special thanks to Muhahalicia who created the art for this issue as well as an exclusive cover piece. Read my interview with her here.