3Q’s: Kicking it with Kazard Clothing.

“Kazard clothing is all about sending a message through clothes. Most of our collections are for the people – to inspire.”

When you’re wearing Kazard, you’re making a choice to stand OUT. This streetwear brand is all about being the king or queen that you are! Founded by designer and model, Ayanda Tonise, the unisex brand favours bright colours, fun printed shirts and accessories and is also favoured by your faves, the Petersen twins.

“It’s all about engaging with our audience and spreading positivity”, says Ayanda. “We are very open to work with other creatives, more especially those that are upcoming. We want to uplift others.”

We teamed up with them to give you the chance of winning a piece from their collection in support of You + Three. Find out more about them and how to win below!

Describe Kazard + what you do in 3 sentences.

Kazard is a clothing line based in Cape Town formed by Ayanda Tonise in 2015. The name means you are a king or a queen of your own area. As long you’re rocking Kazard, you are kazard; you become a king/queen of that particular area.

Why do you think it’s important for brands to advocate social issues/have a conscious aspect to them?

I reckon that it’s necessary for brands to advocate social issues because each and every brand has its own following or audience. Which means if we use social media to address such issues it reaches out to a lot of people.

Social media is a vital piece of the puzzle and we have got a long way to go. But hey we learn everyday. Even as brands we can learn a lot from the audience if we all engage- perhaps there are variety of ways we can advocate these issues.

What question would you want to be asked about your brand but never are?

What makes Kazard different from other brands?

Kazard clothing is all about sending a message through clothes. Most of our collections are for the people – to inspire. For instance our latest collection is called ‘Humanity’. The concept is to spread positive energy.


We’ve partnered up with Kazard for our P.O.A issue edition of the You + Three raffle. Enter to win a piece from them + 3 other dope af local brands here. Raffle entries will end 30 July 2020.

Images via Instagram