3Q’s with BRAhSSE: “Brands Have the Power to Change Things”.

This streetwear label wants you to recognize your potential and celebrate your heritage.

This streetwear brand is about more than style- although stylish they most definitely are. With a bio that reads “A blend of culture, heritage and freedom of Xpression through locally produced streetwear and creativity”, the focus is clearly on unity and empowerment. They believe local brands have a big part to play in campaigning social issues. “Not only must brands speak out on social issues”, says founder Abdu-Shakoer Baderoen, “but they must also help eradicate them for good. They have the power”.

Get to know ’em in 3 quick questions:

Describe BRAhSSE + what you do in 3 sentences.

BRAhSSE is an innovative and uniquely progressive apparel brand that strives to build a unified identity for the Post-apartheid generation. We focus the brands offering on culture, heritage and freedom of expression.

Photo: Warren Papier

The goal is also to inspire the youth and the next generation to start businesses, so that we can take our local economies to the next level.  

Why do you think it’s important for brands to advocate social issues or have a conscious aspect to them?

We live in times with increased social issues and I think it’s very important for brands to speak and act on it.

Photo: Cheslyn Chizzy Hanekom

Brands and their values have a big impact on society and play a significant role with creating awareness and change of behaviour.

What question would you want to be asked about your brand but never are?

How many times did you ask yourself ‘why did I even start this brand’ ? LOL happens A LOT when things get too much.  

Photo: Mason Makt

BONUS QUESTION: The anthem to your revolution would be..

Be remarkable and different because what is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try.


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