June Release Radar: ICYMI.

Nolitha’s top 5 picks from this month’s Three Mag playlist.

The Three Mag Playlist is a round-up of local releases curated by music editor and DJ (Nolitha), Gina Fredman-Jacobson. Every month we serve you a themed playlist of the latest local aural offerings. Here’s what’s on repeat in June:

This month the theme is everything you might have missed. It’s our top picks from the beginning of 2020 til now.

Top 5

1. Sleep Tight – WokRing

WokRing are a South African duo comprised of Nathan Nadler-Nir and James Lankester.

WokRing’s 2020 single, Sleep Tight, begins with deep brooding drums and drifts into dreamy synths that are played with throughout the track. The duos energy seems to lean into a more Lo-Fi sound, which is a subtle and easy progression from their previous work.

Sleep Tight, while decidedly melancholic and at times agonizing lyrically, at its core still has a dreamy upbeat feeling too it. With subtle nods to pop melodies, the songs bridge evokes an almost electro-pop feeling in its vocal composition.

Sleep Tight feels like watching the world go by with delightfully sleepy eyes on a long car ride home.

Listen to Sleep Tight :

2. Weird Venom – Būjin

Būjin (Dani Kyengo) is a Kenyan-South African instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and sonic installation artist.

In an interview with Mail & Guardian’s Zaza Hlalethwa back in April, Būjin, when describing the track said : “Weird Venom is slow-brewed revolt; banishing the fear of oneself, banishing drama. It’s a deliberate choice to step into the world with a radical self-awareness of both the light and that encompass you.”

Weird Venom is structured to keep you guessing. The raw percussive intro and chopped up, stop-start feeling of the production and vocals keeps your ears wandering what Būjin will deliver next. It forces you to shed yourself of expectations and predictabilities.

Listen to Weird Venom :

Cover design: Elijah Ndoumbé

3. You and Me – Missu & Red Robyn

Red Robyn is a South African multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, actress and ¼ of The World of Birds. MISSU is a South African producer.

You and Me is an Afro-Pop inspired, delightfully danceable track by MISSU (Sean Ross) and Red Robyn (Ash De Gee). The synth heavy, bouncy track has everything you want in a dance track.

Listen to You and Me:

4. Candyflossin’ (prod. Parabyl) – Mx Blouse

Mx Blouse is a kwaito, hip-hop and deep house artist. Parabyl is an electronic music producer.

Mx Blouse’s latest single Candyflossin’ is a bubbly and adventurous afro track. Produced by Parabyl at Redbull Studios the duo put together one of the most fun songs I’ve heard in a while.

With banging percussions and deep wobbling synths, who doesn’t love a song about wanting the person you think is hot think you’re hot right back!

Listen to Candyflossin’ :

5. Griqua – Dwson

Dwson is a South African producer and DJ.

Dwson’s Griqua is beautiful Afro-Deep House journey through the ears of Khoisan people.

Griqua is an ode to Dwson’s Khoisan and Griqua heritage and Coloured identity.

Listen to Griqua :

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