Favelo Favours Female Power.

The local streetwear brand submit an ode to female power this Womxns Month.

“One in every six women experience sexual violence in their lifetime”, writes Mthokozisi Gift Makhubu. “With South Africa being in the top 5 countries with gender-based violence, femicide and rape, as Favelo we have taken it upon ourselves to speak out and help in ending this scourge. Our queens are being murdered, raped and abused at an alarming and inhumane rate.”

“The concept behind the shoot was to visually illustrate the strength of women. They are depicted as pillars of strength and nurturers to their families and societies. We also wanted to highlight the fact that women are leaders of society and the world at large. They are vital to wellbeing and development of the world.”

“The strength of women is being highlighted using visually-appealing, thought-provoking, socially-conscious photographs. Favelo’s contemporary approach to style with influences originating in South Africa is evident in the usage of this setting. With this photo series, Favelo condemns and takes a stand against gender-based violence, rape and femicide. Favelo loves, protects and cares for women.”

3Q’s with Favelo

What is the next step in feminism/the womxns movement, in your opinion?

Real action being taken based on the recommendations of women. The world is now open-minded enough, has seen the true power and potential of women and is ready to head into a new socioeconomic climate- headed by women. 

Women are still not seen as the owners of their bodies, sexualities and lives. Owning yourself is a brave act in this world. What message do you have for men?

The message I have for men is that we ought to call out and report our friends and family members that abuse, rape and kill women. These social ills have a myriad of negative spillover effects. It starts with you: report perpetrators and speak out about rape, femicide and gender-based violence. 

What message would you like to give womxn this womxns month?

The message I would like to give women is that they should stay strong, ambitious and fearless. The future is female, your ideas, opinions and skills are valid. As Favelo, we love, care and consider women’s safety as of utmost importance. 


Creative direction: Thuba Nxumalo (@tuchi_nx)

Models: Dynasty (@dynastyfuturebetty) & Yolanda (@slim.jack.black)

Photographer: Zen (@zxn_01x)

Shot on location in Alexandra for Favelo Worlwide : Favelo International is a premium, limited, technical streetwear brand that bridges the gap between streetwear and 90’s aesthetic sportswear.

Words: Mthokozisi Gift Makhubu

Interview : Zoya Pon