WokRing on their Latest Offering: Bloss.

“We really enjoyed a more ‘in-your-face’ sound to contrast some of our more laid back past music.”

Making and releasing music has become increasingly accessible because of the internet. South Africa-based duo WokRing are here to show you that young artists are here to shift our musical landscape towards the sound and timbre of the internet, and we are here for it.

Their 2018 album The Thank You Garden blended a variety of genres from bits of psychedelic pop and PC music to alternative rap, all culminated to make an ambitious and worthwhile debut. WokRing was born out of Nathan Nadler-Nir and James Lankester using SoundCloud as a way to share music between the pair of them. This all led to a second upcoming album Bloss

With today being the release date for Bloss, Three Mag asked Nathan 3 quick questions. 

3 sentences to describe WokRing sonically: 

Always a tough one. I’d say we make music that is sing-along-able, emotionally open, with Lo-fi and indie pop as some of our inspiration. It’s music to make you emote and/or enjoy it for its sound!

For this album especially, we really enjoyed a more “in-your-face” sound to contrast some of our more laid back past music. 

Who were you listening to while making Bloss?

Charlie XCX, The Garden, Toro y moi, IDLES, Joji, JpegMafia, 100 Gecs and Tierra Whack to name a few! 

Why ‘WokRing’?

One of the first times we spoke about making music together, James mentioned he had been “wokring” on some new music. For some reason, the misspelling stuck and we decided our artist name should be WokRing as it sounded more like a collective or a “ring” of musicians rather than just two kids in their respective bedrooms.

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