Exploring ‘The Human Experience’ with Sanele Qwabe.

3 quick questions on boredom, pop art and yes, the human experience.

I got tired of taking photos and posting them, I wanted to start experimenting with using photos as a canvas of how I feel”, explains Richards Bay based artist, Sanele Qwabe. “I call it The Human Experience.” Using photographic manipulation, Sanele creates visuals that are emotionally charged, incredibly subjective and hard to look away from. “I really love watching people experience my work in their own way”, he says.

We dip our toes into their artistic journey of ‘figuring out life’ with 3 quick questions on boredom, pop art and yes, the human experience.

Tell us your journey as an artist- how did you begin and where you are now?

My journey through trying different mediums has given me the freedom as an artist to not be limited, which is why my work always seems to be a mixture of different mediums and different mediums of execution such as photographic manipulations.

As an artist now I relate a lot with pop art. The combination of colours have always been a driving force in my art through my films, photography and illustrations. I am currently writing and creating an animation series of my own that will be released end of November titled SPECIAL ONE.

Your bio reads: BORDEM MAKES MEN TO VILLAINS. What is the inspiration and meaning behind this?

Humans get bored a lot. When that happens your mind tends to get on a group chat with the ego, the anxiety, the fears and wanders into crazy ideas to get rid of this boredom. Most humans tend to do whatever to ignore them. [But they are] not necessarily bad thoughts, just thoughts. And those thoughts are questions which are usually things we don’t want to deal with at that moment- which is my driving force to making my pieces. In a way [I’m] trying to answer those questions.

This collection is called the ‘Human Experience’. What does that mean to you?

‘The Human Experience’ is about my perspective of a human experiencing this world as himself. The good, the bad, the ugly- the differences we try to hide from each other. Within the distortion of my work, certain necessary features stand out and the colours within my pop elements tend to enhance or highlight the emotion I am trying to communicate in that moment.

Sanele Qwabe on INSTAGRAM