Flowers Are Nice: A Label of Substance.

“We’re creating a new world without creative constructs, a sisterhood + community with a plethora of possibility.”

Every garment from the 18 piece Flowers Are Nice debut collection “draws inspiration from the colour palette of the heavens and the earth”. The ‘unclassified’ label (which straddles contemporary wear and streetwear) collaborated with illustrator Zarreen Samie to create 4 exclusive printed tees along with other ready-to-wear pieces in colours of nature. Think “the orange of the horizon, the beige of the mountains and terrains, the blue of the glorious sky and all the heavens, the black on the galaxy and unknown and the the white of the light and everything in between”.

“We’re creating a new world without creative constructs, a sisterhood and community with a plethora of possibility.”

Ahead of their launch this Thursday, 5th November, at Ideas Cartel on Loop St, we asked founder and designer Nabeela September 3 quick questions on BTWN HVN & ERTH. An offering that serves as “a reminder of our celestial beings, our origin, our source, and our purpose of all creation”.

Describe your collection concept in 3 words or sentences.

Daring. Extraterrestrial. Lush.

What is the message/statement you’d like to make with this collection?

The embodiment of feminine energy is bold and divine, this collection is the inspiration between all that you are and all that you want to be.

“Being a woman, of colour, in a country where so much is taken from you yet so little is expected of you, [Nabeela] wanted to create a brand true to her essence – and the essence of every femme she’s ever known.”

What’s next for Flowers Are Nice?

To go global, baby!

Firsly, I’d like to expand the brand to be the first renowned feminine contemporary streetwear brand locally, then we want to jump in those international waters and distribute in niche streetwear stores globally. This is the 3 year goal, however, anything is possible!

Flowers Are Nice is launching online and exhibiting at Inner City Ideas Cartel on 5 November 2020.


Photography: Jarryd Kleinhans

Make Up: Giovanna Seale

Creative Direction: Nabeela September