Ya’eesh, Jy Lyk Darem Posh!

Ya’eesh Dollie’s conceptual and upcycled brand, Daremposh, is about more than looking good.

“We do not design clothes, we design art” states the bio of Daremposh‘s IG profile. Photography and fashion are founder Ya’eesh Dollie‘s preferred mediums of expression. In this introduction to the label’s first pieces the artist combines both to bring you his story “in the form of contemporary artwear”.

“Daremposh (pronounced dâr-uhm-pôsh) is a term that some of us might be familiar with”, says Dollie. “Growing up as a young boy and attending family events, I would always hear this term being used to describe the way I look. ‘Ya’eesh, jy lyk darem posh!’ is what my aunties would tell me.”

The concept in 3 words or sentences…

The concept has come to life through the discovery of pride towards my religion and culture.

This pride is not always present due to the way society and media triggers certain barriers within us.

Daremposh is a way forward for me and for anyone who takes inspiration from it in whatever form suitable for them.

The label is both conscious and cultural, how is this acheived/shown? 

This is achieved by tracing back into my ancestry, independently doing my own research on my lineage and understanding how the Cape Malay people expressed themselves in the past. This is then displayed through my clothing, through my images or through my films.

“Good collaboration and energy will ultimately result in a project with authenticity and passion.”

The artistic expression as well as the cultural expression shall be displayed in any medium that suits my need at the present time as my work should always be evolving.

What is the importance of collaboration in this project?

Collaboration is important in my project as I try to hand- pick who I choose to work with me. I enjoy working with individuals who are sort of aligned to a similar route  I am taking through the creative realm.

Good collaboration and energy between each other will ultimately result in an excellently executed project but also result in a project with authenticity and passion.


Creative Director + Photographer + Designer: Ya’eesh Dollie (@yaeeshdollie)

Director/Director of Cinematography + Editor: Jesse Jewelzzz (@ajessejewelzzzgem)

Stylist + Model: Azhar Abrahams (@eazy.azzi)

Original Score: Darryn Braaf (@darrynbraaf911)